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General News
1st - Billy Muhammed , WJW-TV, " Opening Day"
2nd - Steve Maguire, WBNS-TV, "Starving Dog Rescue"
3rd - David Bradford, WJW-TV, "Politics can be Rough"

News Feature
1st - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "White Wedding"
2nd - David Bradford, WJW-TV, "Computer Sketch Artist"
3rd - Steve Maguire, WBNS-TV, "Dr. Buckeye"

In Depth
1st - Billy Muhammed, WJW-TV, "Snakes on a Plane"
2nd - Byron Stirsman, WHIO-TV, "Cowboy Church"
3rd - Scott Doelling, WBNS-TV, "Hotel Disservice"
HM - Dan Pasciak, WUPW-TV, "Making Pierogis"

Spot News
1st - Kendall Griggs, WJW-TV, "East Cleveland Fire"
2nd - Ryan Vetter, WTOL-TV, "Defiance Flooding"
3rd - Byron Stirsman, WHIO-TV, "Hart St. Fire"

Judged at WPMI-TV, Mobile, AL

General News
1st - Kendall Griggs, WJW-TV, "Bike to Work"
2nd - David Bradford, WJW-TV, "End of an Era"
3rd - Nate Van Sickle, WBNS-TV, "Symphony Farewell"

New Feature
1st - David Bradford, WJW-TV, "Kindergarten Politics"
2nd - Rich Johnston, WBNS-TV, "Genetics Test"

In Depth
1st - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "Lima Company"
2nd - Byron Stirsman, WHIO-TV, "On the Street"
3rd - Byron Stirsman, WHIO-TV, "Driving Drunk"

Spot News
1st - Nate Van Sickle, WBNS-TV, "Urban Cattle"
2nd - Rich Yedlicka, WBNS-TV, "After the Water Rescue'
3rd - Michael Gravely, WBNS-TV, "Overnight Weather"

Judged at WHO-TV, Des Moines, Iowa

General News
1st - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "Coping with No Power"
2nd - David Bradford, WJW-TV, "Heart to Heart"

News Feature
1st - David Bradford, WJW-TV, "Music Men"
2nd - Nate Van Sickle, WBNS-TV, "Neighbor Helping Neighbor"

In Depth
1st - Billy Muhammed, WJW-TV, "Stop “Snitchin”

Spot News
1st - Billy Muhammed, WJW-TV, "Wicked Winds"
2nd - Nate Van Sickle, WBNS-TV, "Windy Day"

Judged at WOWT-TV, Omaha, Nebraska

General News
1st - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "Lost and Found"
2nd - Jeff Ritter, WBNS-TV, "Last Minute Turkeys"
3rd - David Bradford, WJW-TV, "At Whits End"
HM - Craig Picklesimer, WUPW-TV, "Gaza Protest"

News Feature

In Depth
1st - David Bradford, WJW-TV, "Online Gaming Predators"

Spot News
1st - Christopher Poturalski, WUPW-TV, "Obama Door to Door in Holland"
2nd - Craig Picklesimer, WUPW-TV, "Water Rescue"
3rd - Christopher Poturalski, WUPW-TV, "Armed and Dangerous"

Judged at WIS-TV, Columbia, S.C.

2008 Final Point Standings

1st - David Bradford, WJW-TV, Cleveland - 71
2nd - Jeff Ritterm, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 56
3rd - Billy Muhammed, WJW-TV, Cleveland - 46
4th - Nate Van Sickle, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 29
5th - Byron Stirsman, WHIO-TV, Dayton - 28
6th - Kendall Griggs, WJW-TV, Cleveland - 24
7th - Christopher Poturalski, WUPW-TV, Toledo - 17
8th - Steve Maguire, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 14
9th - Rich Johnston, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 12
10th - Rich Yedlicka, WBNS-TV, Columbus - 10
10th - Craig Picklesimer, WUPW-TV, Toledo - 10